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My name is Stefan van der Deen (18).

I study Software developer web & apps. At the age of 13 I started with Webdesign. This originated during a vacation in Austria at my uncle and aunt who opened a hotel here in 2018. Advised by my uncle and father to also approach other companies there for their own website. Which succeeded including a website for the entire tourist village of
Niederau in Tirol.

Not long after that it became more serious and therefore I became very immersed and trained myself in developing websites/webshops. In 2019 sold my first website to Dutch entrepreneur. From then on I got assignments and officially started my business. By now I have completed many assignments and my business is running pretty well. Therefore, I also registered (17-11-2022) at the KVK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Security is our number one priority.

Nine out of ten web design companies do not pay attention to security; this is very shocking. Website/webshop security is crucial; the data you store on your website/webshop should be extra secure.

With us, this is standard; we make your website/webshop extra secure through our specialized programs and experience.

The additional cost of a website/webshop is the hosting fee.
These are annual and amount for an average website/webshop and a .nl domain between €20 and €40 per year.

If you use our maintenance subscription, you will not be charged for minor adjustments to the website/webshop, such as text adjustments, changing photos, changing opening hours, etc.

Yes, we are forced to move your current domain to our own hosting partner.
This way we have security over our servers and you avoid problems.

Yes definitely, A website will receive updates over time. If these are not performed, overdue maintenance can occur. This results in the website becoming unsupported or error messages occurring.

We always recommend taking our Maintenance subscription. This will ensure that your site is always up to date and you will not face any surprises.

At the end of the project, you will receive a nice folder with the following paperwork:

  • Security Certificate
  • Login details
  • Mail details
  • Invoices
  • Color codes (Upon request)

Yes definitely, We also have a lot of experience in developing web shops. This is really custom work and should be handled in a very structured way.

Take a look at all our webshops in our portfolio.

Our maintenance subscription includes the following items:

  • Web server updates
  • PHP updates
  • Website updates
  • Backups
  • Small adjustments for free

(For web shops, we offer a customized maintenance subscription).

We can create a wonderful email address for you, such as:

But you can also get separate email addresses for all your subjects and/or employees, such as:,,,

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